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Who (and why?) We are

We are a technology startup with a young structure and a senior career path.

We operate in partnership with research centers from renowned Brazilian universities in the development of clean energy generation solutions that can add to the diversification of the energy matrix and reduce the risks of lack of supply.

We were born in the countryside of São Paulo state, from the materialization of one man’s dream, which soon became a group’s dream. From a design that materialized in the development of a product. From a solution thought for the agribusiness that proved to be viable for all industries.

We are innovation, 100% Brazilian, generating financial and environmental sustainability of high added value for our ecosystem.

Our history

It all started with the exciting ideas of Egberto Neves, a mechanical engineer passionate about the theme of clean and sustainable energies, who in the mid-2000s decided to immerse himself in the creation of a wind turbine that would initially serve the agribusiness sector.
Between late 2017 and early 2018 the project gradually gained new supporters, specifically two engineers and a lawyer, all impacted and totally seduced by its idea and its ideal.

1st Semester

With the partnership configured, the group went in search of its implementation, starting with the study of branding, production process, economic feasibility and market, among others. It was the beginning of the implementation of Vind Aerogenerators.

2nd Semester

The prototype of the TE24 turbine is produced, with the support of three Brazilian references in academic research and development, UNESP, ITA and UFMG and their laboratories, on the turbine’s sizing and feasibility tests.
The 1st turbine is installed in Franca, Brazil.
Development of 250kW turbine started.